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#1 Cryptocurrency Worldwide Dealer

Regal Assets Dmcc is now the 1st fully licensed company in the ENTIRE middle east (and possibly beyond) when it comes to trading Cryptos. 

USA citizens can even convert their existing IRA into Bitcoins other other Cryptos with Regal Assets BitcoinIRA.

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Regal RA DMCC is the only precious metals firm in the business that holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance in the United States. At the time of writing we only new of 1 complaint which is over 2 years old. Regal Assets also has over 333+ 5 out of 5 star verified client reviews with TrustLink. They have been featured in major publications including Smart Money, Forbes and Inc. Magazine. Regal Assets has been rated #20 in the USA for financial services by Inc. Magazine and has been featured in the 2013 Investment Guide for Forbes magazine. Now Regal Assets are going into the cryptocurrency market and you are now able to buy bitcoins, buy litecoins, by etherum and any available cryptocurrency 


We feel as though Regal RA will soon dominate this new industry like they have done the gold industry as well. Regal Dmcc are based in Dubai and use some of the best methods to insure and store your Cryptocurrency.


  1. Regal Assets is the 1st fully licensed company in the ENTIRE middle east (and possibly beyond) when it comes to crypto trading.  regal RA
  2. They have processed Hundreds of millions of dollars in savings account transfers.
  3. Regal Asset is the only company in the entire precious metals industry to offer a live video tape of when client’s metals arrive at the vault for storage. You get to see your gold go in the vault.
  4. Regal offers you segregated storage to insure your metals are separate and not commingled with other clients metals.
  5. You have a choice to store your gold all over the world including Dubai and Singapore.
  6. Regal offers a 7-day guarantee on shipping and storage for savings accounts and direct purchases to give you the client peace of mind on your transaction.
  7. They have a buy back metals program that you can utilize any business day of the week and have funds in the your possession within 24 hours of sale.
  8. Regal has an experienced staff that is looking to answer all your questions and provide clarity without being pushy or aggressive.
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A brief history on Regal Assets in the USA.

When it comes to precious metal purchases that includes retirement accounts they have one of the fastest shipping processes and typically get precious metals in the client’s possession within 7 business days of the account funding. If you search online, you will see that usually other competitors in the precious metals business take over 30 days to delivery and as long as 90 days for retirement accounts. Here is a bonus that they offered before, if they somehow had shipping delays and missed the 7 business day deadline for shipping metals then they will add a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle to the clients order free of charge.

regal assets

Regal Assets ship the client gold via certified and trackable methods. You will always be notified and receives a tracking number so that you can track the precious metals right to their front door, or in your case they the storage facilities of your choosing. If it’s crypto then they insure your cryptocurrency with Lloyds of London and store it in Brinks vault in Dubai. Regal Assets sends all precious metals discreetly and they are fully insured. Regal Assets takes full responsibility for precious metals until they are signed and received by you the client.

When it comes to precious metals retirement accounts Regal Assets are an industry leader providing the best storage and fee structure as well as the quickest processing time

Does Regal Assets give a choice for Commingled or Segregated? If so what are the prices for each of them

  • Regal Assets storage of precious metal retirement accounts with Brinks and all storage is segregated. They are the only precious metals company that has segregated storage with Brinks for a flat fee of $250.00 per year; most of their competitors offer Commingled storage and that’s bad idea and we recommend that investors steer clear of companies that only offer commingled.

Does Regal Assets still waive the 1st year of fees which include setup, annual and storage?  YES!

  • Regal Assets  waives their 1st year fees.  Most of their competitors in the industry have a scaling administration fee schedule which cost the clients more as the account value increases. Regal Assets is the only company in precious metal industry that does everything electronically, which means that you do not have to hand sign any documents. This saves, time and money.


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