How to Buy Bitcoin in UAE

To Buy Bitcoin in UAE it’s as simple as going to this PAGE and filling out the information and one of the agents will contact you to take your order. Your order will be processed fast, secure and with a guarantee.

Who would you be buying the bitcoins from?

  1. You would be buying bitcoins and other cryptos from Regal Assets DMCC.

Why Buy from Regal Assets DMCC?

  1.  Regal Assets DMCC is a trusted source for Digital assets in UAE. Regal is the first company in the Middle East to get a license to trade crypto currencies. Read more about Regal RA DMCC

Is there a minimum order to buy bitcoins from UAE from Regal Assets?

  1. Yes, the minimum is $5,000 for cash purchases . Regal RA DMCC charges this because not only will they sell you the Bitcoins, but they will STORE IT as well in one of the most securest vaults in the world. Your Bitcoins will be insured as well as SAFE.  There is no other dealer in the world that offers safety like this in the crypto industry.

This is why Regal RA DMCC is quickly becoming a top choice when it comes to buying Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.  Buy Bitcoins here.