Bitcoin IRA Rollovers is LIVE!

Find out why Smart Investors will be including Bitcoin and other cryptos in their portfolios in 2018 and beyond.

bitcoin ira theft proof  It’s official, United States residents can now open up Bitcoin IRA through Regal Assets.   Rolling over your Traditional IRA, SEP or other qualified IRA plan into a bitcoin IRA is now possible with Regal Wallet.  The best part of Regal Asset is that your bitcoin IRA is not only theft proof, it’s also fully insured. Regal is the only company in the world at this current time that will insure your bitcoins or other Crypto currency that you have place in their Regal Wallet. 

Why Regal Wallet for your Bitcoin IRA?

Their Wallet is Hacker-proof        
Regal requires password to view your private key        
You are protected in case of physical or natural disaster        
Your Cryptos fully Insured in case of disaster or theft        
Cryptos are protected from physical theft        
Protected in case of computer crashes, malware, spyware or viruses  
Offshore storage in safe and private jurisdiction when you go with Regal Wallet.


What Crypto Currencies are available to be roll over into you your Bitcoin IRA – The IRA process allows Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum IRA, Ethereum Classic IRA, Ripple IRA, Lite coin IRA.

How do you get started?

  1. Step 1 : Visit this page here (opens new page)
  2. Step 2:  Enter your info in the form located here. bitcoin ira
  3. Step 3:  Click to send to receive your free bitcoin IRA guide. This guide will educate you on the process. You don’t want to move your money, without educating yourself first on the process and the risk associated with this process.
  4. A Regal Assets Rep will call you to educate you more on the process and help you get started rolling over your current IRA into a Bitcoin IRA.
  5. It’s simple and a easy process. Regal handles everything for you.
  6. Click here to visit their official website to learn more. 

Want to learn more about Regal Assets and their INSURED Regal Wallet,Visit this Page.

Ready To Get Started?

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*Please note we do not give investment advice. Please do your due diligence when it comes to any investment in Regal or otherwise.