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Bitcoin Cash(BCC) may be here to stay, but just as another alt-coin rather than the primary Bitcoin network. SegWit was supported by both SegWit 2x along with the BIP 148 community.

SegWit activation on Bitcoin would see the elimination of several needless boasted features of Bitcoin which slowed down the system.

The proposal was supported by almost all of the major Bitcoin miners, exchanges and businesses excerpt a few. The Bitcoin ABC group in The Future of Bitcoin conference in. Netherlands suggested for Bitcoin Cash which would be a User Activated Hard Fork(USHF) act as a back up in case that SegWit User Activated Soft Fork didn’t live up to its promises. BitMain was campaigning for such a contingency program since April hence took interest in the Bitcoin Cash proposal and started to market it to till it reached the ears of Via BTC that was thousand of miles away in China.

Sensing the opportunity to make a new Bitcoin fork that was both faster and more robust than Bitcoin in addition to retained all of the blocks of the major network, Via BTC swallowed the hock, line and sinker. Within hours they had set up a future trading set for Bitcoin Cash; on the fateful day of August 1 it was found that their mining pools were used to mine the initial Bitcoin Cash blocks. Via BTC then did something that made Bitcoin Cash an official branch; they recorded it on their trade. People went mad, they’d heard that Bitcoin Cash was quicker than Bitcoin, had the complete copy of Bitcoin blocks which makes it somewhat legitimate and what is more – for each Bitcoin that existed there was its Bitcoin Cash clone to be maintained at no cost!

Folks love free money. All those who felt they’d missed the Bitcoin gold rush flocked in their numbers to maintain their free Bitcoin Cash. Investors started to buy into Bitcoin Cash expecting it would explode in cost when the dust settled. One would have expected the founders of Bitcoin Cash to come out boldly to assert the glory; they did just the opposite and started to play hide and seek. All of them wanted to deny any direct participation in the creation of Bitcoin Cash therefore it would seem it some other faceless Satoshi had generated Bitcoin Cash.

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